Equality Charter School Students Outperform Peers at Local Schools


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Equality Charter School
Image: equalitycharterschool.org

A graduate of Harvard University, Caitlin Franco serves as the Executive Director and Founder of Equality Charter School in New York. In this capacity, she oversees all programs, strategic planning, and administration for the organization and handles fundraising and marketing. Since Caitlin Franco started Equality Charter School, it has become a top-rated school with outstanding results.

When compared to local district 11 in the Bronx in 2016, Equality students surpassed their peers by more than five percent in math and English language arts. The largest difference between students is in English language arts. At the local district, roughly 24 percent of scholars were proficient in the subject. Meanwhile, 32 percent of scholars at Equality were proficient.

This outperformance among students has also been seen at the institution’s high school. Based on Regents scores, Equality performs better than local schools in algebra, algebra II/trigonometry, geometry, living environment, and English language arts. Equality and local schools respectively scored 80 percent and 32 percent in algebra, 30 percent and 24 percent in geometry, and 71 percent and 56 percent for living environment.

Beyond these scores, students at Equality saw positive social-emotional, academic, and professional outcomes. These outcomes included consistent movement towards proficiency in numerous subjects, increased confidence and strong peer relationships, and the development of habits and skills needed for future employment.


Steps to Earning School Building Leader Certification in New York


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New York State School Building Leader
Image: nysed.gov

With degrees from Stony Brook and Harvard University, Caitlin Franco serves as the Executive Director of Equality Charter School, which she founded in 2009. In addition to holding certification as an educator in New York, Caitlin Franco is certified as a New York State School Building Leader (SBL).

Administered by the New York State Education Department (NYSED), SBL certification is for education professionals who wish to serve as a principal in a New York school. To qualify for certification, an educator must hold a graduate degree and have at least three years of experience as a full-time classroom teacher.

Candidates are also required to complete a state-approved preparation program for school administrators and pass the SBL exam. The test has two parts with a mix of selected-response and task-based questions. Each part takes four hours to complete. The final step in earning SBL certification is submitting an application and accompanying documentation to the NYSED.

Conference on English Leadership to Explore Challenges to Literacy


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Conference on English Leadership
Image: ncte.org

The Co-Founder and Executive Director of Equality Charter School, Caitlin Franco possesses more than a decade of experience in education and leads her school with a focus on academic, social, and personal growth. Caitlin Franco formerly held membership with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), which will host its 2017 Conference on English Leadership.

The Conference on English Leadership serves as a collaborative forum for educational leaders to promote student literacy, build access to literacy opportunities, and discuss current and emerging issues. Attending professionals will receive the chance to share insights and seek solutions to literacy challenges. Furthermore, conference materials will help professionals meet the needs of schools in a diverse spectrum of settings and skill levels.

Sessions and panels for the 2017 conference will focus on the theme of Literacy Leadership for Access and Opportunity, thereby highlighting the opportunities that open for students due to literacy. Topics for discussion include the link between literacy and opportunity and how school districts can motivate teachers to further address literacy issues. Participants will also attend networking luncheons, coffee breaks, and facilitated dinners.

The conference will take place at the America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 19-20, 2017.

What is the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society?


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Phi Beta Kappa
Image: pbk.org

Caitlin Franco is the executive director and founder at Equality Charter School, located in the Bronx, New York. Dedicated to offering an exceptional work environment and first-rate educational programs, Caitlin Franco herself was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, which continues to be the nation’s oldest and most established academic honor society, founded on December 5, 1776.

Celebrating greatness in the areas of liberal arts and sciences, the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society champions freedom of thought and lifelong curiosity. Honoring the brightest undergraduates in these disciplines from almost 300 top schools in the nation and granting lifelong membership, they connect members to a network of high achievers and equip them with the tools needed to become leaders in their fields.

Only 10 percent of universities in the United States have Phi Beta Kappa chapters, with only 10 percent of graduates eligible for admission.

There are 48 alumni associations across the country, that offer networking and cultural events for members, often partnering with scholarships programs and charitable organizations.

For membership, many requirements are necessary, from high level courses, bilingual ability and a certain moral and ethical character.