2017 Conference on English Leadership to Promote Access to Literacy

Conference on English Leadership pic

Conference on English Leadership
Image: ncte.org

Executive Director and Founder Caitlin Franco oversees the work of New York City’s Equality Charter School in facilitating the academic, social, and personal growth of its students. Earlier in her career, Caitlin Franco taught English at other New York academies and was a member of the National Council of Teachers of English.

As part of its mission, the National Council of Teachers of English annually hosts a Conference on English Leadership. Designed to promote student literacy, the Conference is a forum for educators and literacy leaders to unite against illiteracy and to exchange their experiences. It focuses on creating opportunities for students through literacy and reducing the challenges that limit access to literacy.

Conference participants will engage in discussion on how to increase literacy instruction and to meet the needs of students across a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. Furthermore, the event will enable participants to collaborate with community leaders and share their success stories.

Sessions and panels will focus on the theme of Literacy Leadership for Access and Opportunity and explore a number of topics. These will include the link between opportunity and literacy, and how to create professional development opportunities that motivate teachers to act. Sessions will examine how technology advances opportunities for literacy and will prompt a dialogue regarding access to literacy in different communities.

The 2017 Conference on English Leadership will take place on November 19 and 20 in St. Louis, Missouri.